image recognition applied  for graphic design industry

technologies are the basics of the future world

Now is a time of such unprecedented developments in the field of image recognition technology: law enforcement agencies around the world regularly utilize "super-recognizers" to catch criminals within crowds, self-driving vehicles are no longer science fiction, but science fact and a bevy of social media apps now exist at your fingertips with the ability to identify every face and object in all of your photos and videos.

Though what you may not realize, it that all these inventions stem from the same core: that being a simple image recognition algorithm.

And yes, a lot of companies out in the current marketplace compete for cheap and effective algorithms, but unfortunately for the consumer, many of these are misunderstood, misused or fail to serve any real purpose in meaningful technological development.

That's where we come in.

At, the algorithms we've created are expertly designed to best support all of our users in their day to day lives.

To achieve this, our team at graphica first surveyed a wide range of design experts to identify the areas of work that we’d be most effective at helping them in.

We then utilized this data to design a service that has prompt and accurate image search tools as well as an intuitive user interface.

But we didn’t stop there, far from it.

continuous development and experimental approach

Graphica is continually evolving the image recognition algorithms through the collection and integration of invaluable user feedback.

And this type of reciprocal relationship has proven beneficial to a wide range of customers already:

  • for graphic designers collecting data for upcoming projects

  • for families researching house renovation ideas
for tattoo artists seeking design inspiration

These are to name but a few.

graphica provides every user with a workspace 
in which it is easy to browse, save and organize 
a vast array of design elements from right across the web.

These are the three fundamental functions we offer our customers and we do them extremely well.

long-term vision and short-term tactics

Through the generation of new ideas, testable hypotheses and emergent technologies, our team is committed to refining our processes toward their maximum possible yield.

Ultimately, we envision that the bounty of invaluable research data we’ll harvest, when implemented, will bear fruitful toward the positive impact of graphica for many years to come.

Or philosophy is simple. When you grow, we grow.

And our growth occurs by building trust and loyalty with our customers through building services for them that are unique and effective.

Every ambitious idea needs a clear long term vision. 
And here is ours.

Through graphica we want to build a community of creative minds from all over the world and help them share content and gather new ideas, all within a user-friendly platform.

Our goal to become a vital content management solution for businesses across a wide range of industries including but not limited to, fashion, film, design and architecture.

We will also work towards becoming an open-source framework for research and development where our users themselves can take part in building new and useful algorithms for the future.

what makes us different and interesting for ourselfs

Graphica is an organization built on the foundations of trust and mutual support and has a passionate, dedicated team united by a singular goal: that being to contribute to technological growth and make the world a better place.

We believe the future is bright.

And by harnessing our design experience, mathematical modeling, complex engineering and psychophysiology and combining it with our dynamic AI-driven approach to working with visual imagery, we at now stand here on the edge of tomorrow as a new dawn rises, expertly equipped to bring just such a belief into being.

The next big thing is coming.